Preface by the Chairwoman

20 Years Going Strong: Congratulations AMS-IX! 

Twenty years ago, no one could have imagined the Internet would become the all-encompassing network it is today, or predicted that Internet access would be considered a basic human right.

When AMS-IX crafted an ingenious mutualised infrastructure to solve the complex and costly problem of interconnection in Amsterdam, they had no idea that their impact would be felt beyond the Netherlands, across Europe, and around the world. 

The past two decades have proven AMS-IX to be a true pioneer of the Internet. I see a very bright future for AMS-IX, in an ever-changing ecosystem, which keeps this business exciting. The Internet is growing and to continue this growth it needs to remain open, scalable and free. 

AMS-IX has earned a reputation of service excellence and with this reputation comes great responsibility. We must keep pace with innovation to deliver the best value to our members and customers. The talented team of inspired men and women at AMS-IX is willing to take on any and all challenges coming their way. I look forward to seeing AMS-IX continue to innovate and to being amazed by the AMS-IX employees who keep on daring and pushing their frontiers.

The fact that this industry is community-based, and thus doesn’t belong to anyone, is extremely powerful, democratic and appealing to me. AMS-IX is a wonderful organisation. Its operations matter and impact the lives of billions of users across five continents. Thank you for everything you do, AMS-IX, and best wishes on your 20th!

On behalf of the Executive Board of the AMS-IX Association

Sylvie LaPerrière