TelecityGroup and AMS-IX:

An Ideal Partnership

TelecityGroup manages 38 data centres across Europe for companies in various sectors, such as media, banking and entertainment. The organisation provides the environment that ensures critical IT processes and the availability of content and applications 24/7. “This allows clients to stay focused on their own business while AMS-IX helps us concentrate on ours,” explains Alexandra Schless. “The presence of AMS-IX in our facilities is the fundament of our excellent connectivity offer in Amsterdam.”

AMS-IX is one of the most important global exchanges, and one of a small number of exchanges which have developed beyond all others. “This means they can cater to current demands, attract more business and, in turn, keep growing and expanding their range of services, hardware capabilities and partner networks,” states Alexandra. “Every time we expanded into a new data centre to accommodate our customer needs, AMS-IX expanded with us. They are able to quickly install a new exchange to offer their services to the growing needs of our common customers. It has been really interesting to see how they have grown from a small university network to a global hub.”

Matching partners

Data centres and Internet exchanges have more in common then people might think. “When we build a data centre, we expect it to facilitate clients’ needs for one or two decades. However, customers’ business technology innovation cycles are much shorter, so our infrastructure needs to be flexible and scalable. After all, nobody knows which applications will be popular tomorrow. AMS-IX’ network topology must be equally up-to-date, scalable and flexible - with no compromise on quality and reliability.”

TelecityGroup has been working with AMS-IX for fifteen years and their business relationship remains strong. Alexandra describes the partnership as “equal’ and “exceptional”. “Like us, AMS-IX has a very open, transparent way of working and communicating with partners and clients. We complement each other perfectly, and eight out of ten times, clients require a solution that requires combining our services with those of AMS-IX. Our discussions about technology and market developments are always informative and enjoyable. For us, it is great to have a partner with who we can exchange ideas in this way. In fact, it’s like a happy marriage!”

Alexandra Schless, Vice President Western Europe TelecityGroup. AMS-IX has a point of presence in three of TelecityGroup’s Amsterdam data centres.