Enabling Internet Progress

Over the years AMS-IX has sponsored, facilitated or supported numerous projects, events and developments that helped progress the deployment of the Internet and its applications or the peering community in particular. We do this for "the Good of the Internet" and often no money is involved but rather an "in-kind" transaction or the facilitation of people or recources.

Examples are:

  • Facilitating the set up of Internet Exchanges in several places around the world, including CAR-IX, which was rebranded to AMS-IX Caribbean in April 2013.  
  • Facilitation of the connection and or housing of route servers and ccTlds, Internet research and statistics projects (Renesys, Caida, RIPE, ISC, PCH).
  • Working on an Open Source basis as much as possible and contributing to relevant developments such as but not limited to our sFlow development.
  • Active participation in the diverse technical, peering and policy communities, such as RIPE, IETF, IEEE, ISOC, Euro-IX, peering fora.
  • Set up and sponsoring of ISP conferences, peering events and tools.