18 October 2012

Amsterdam: An Attractive City to Set Up Office


Many of you know that the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) is located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Our presence in this city is one of the reasons why IT organisations, like Cisco, LinkedIn (source: The Boston Consulting Group, ‘Interned’, 2011) and SoftLayer, have opened up their European headquarters in Amsterdam. Thanks to AMS-IX the city has a high-performance network infrastructure that the above organisations need for their customers.

Besides the presence of the largest Internet exchange in the world in Amsterdam, companies also have other reasons to choose the Dutch Capital as a business location. Earlier this month the Amsterdam Innovation Monitor (AIM), an initiative that focuses on the development of sectors that strengthen the position of the Amsterdam region, presented a research in which five reasons stand out. For this research 1,900 business relations of the AIM that are active in the digital media market have been questioned.

First of all the proximity of (future) customers attracts organisations to Amsterdam (44%). The need to speak face to face to clients is given as justification by some companies. Also the proximity of potential partners and subcontractors are given as reasons. The presence of sufficient talent, in particular technical employees, and relevant study programs are other attractive features of Amsterdam. Both the amount of talent and the diversity of this group played a role in their choice for this city. Why organisations set up their office in Amsterdam is finally decided by the presence of a critical consumer market. Amsterdam is seen as a market where products and applications can be tested, because its inhabitants are trend sensitive and learn fast.

Once more research confirms that Amsterdam is an attractive location to set up office. Is your business also located in the Dutch capital and do you have another explanation for this choice that is not mentioned within this article please let us know through Twitter by sending your reason to @AMS_IX.