21 December 2012

Looking into the NaMex & AMS-IX partnership


About two years ago the Nautilus Mediterranean eXchange point (NaMeX), the Italian Internet Exchange in Rome, and AMS-IX set up a partnership in order to mutually increase the number of connecting IP networks. The partnership provides new development opportunities to NaMeX members, including access to the largest peering hub in the world, entrance to large content providers and the possibility of getting a full AMS-IX connection. Meanwhile AMS-IX can attract more parties from the Mediterranean and the Middle East, and thus increase the value of the exchange to its members and customers. 

Since the start of the partnership NaMeX has connected nine parties, like Convergence and SED Multitel, to AMS-IX. These members have connected to AMS-IX for multiple reasons: first of all the large number of peers and secondly being part of the community. This helps them with network planning and development, and exchanging both know-how and experiences. Furthermore to have AMS-IX membership gives them routing control, which means they can directly influence the way they send and receive traffic to and from OTTs. And last but not least it gives the members more visibility. In their opinion AMS-IX membership is a benefit in terms of marketing and promotion.

Looking back at the partnership one development stands out: several members upgraded their port capacity due to an increase in the traffic that is exchanged and because of trends such as increasing video traffic and mobile data usage.

In the coming months NaMeX expects to connect more members to AMS-IX. Also they are going to introduce a “try before you buy” program for small ISPs with 100 Mbps ports and expanding the offer with new virtual ports.