Service Level Description

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AMS-IX offers high quality services over a technologically advanced and resilient platform supported by a professional and efficient organisation. In practice this means we are offering carrier grade service levels1.

All our members/customers receive the same high level of service based on the quality parameters in this document. These parameters have been defined by the need to comply with the high quality profile expectations of our members. AMS-IX offers a seperate SLA service for its connected networks, which needs to be ordered separately. On this page is a description of the general service level and is not an agreement.

Service Demarcation

AMS-IX is responsible for the correct functioning of its switching infrastructure. The AMS-IX service consists of delivering, operating and interconnecting member ports on our switches, including service from the member ports up to and including the local AMS-IX patch panel.

The member is responsible for the necessary cabling between the member's router and the AMS-IX switch patch panel through the arrangements made with an AMS-IX co-location or in case of a remote layer-2 connection, arrangements made with a partner/carrier. The member is always responsible for arranging its own BGP peering with other AMS-IX members and for the correct functioning of its own network infrastructure, i.e. router equipment.