The AMS-IX Board

The Associations Executive Board is responsible for managing the activities of the AMS-IX Association. The AMS-IX BV Supervisory Board is responsible for control of proper management of the AMS-IX Company. Both Boards consist of the same natural persons elected by the GM and as such they form a linking pin within the organisation.

During quarterly held Board Meetings the Supervisory Board amongst other approves the annual plan and budget, as well as items outside of the scope relating to management control. In these meetings the members of the board and AMS-IX B.V. management (CEO, CTO, CCO and CFO) are present. (Read more on Board members code of conduct)

Board elections are held annually during the member/shareholder meeting for the 5 board seats. The election is on a rolling basis, each year one or more seats have to be (re) filled. Current composition of the AMS-IX Board:

Name Organisation Exec member since Email
Alex Bik BIT 24 Nov 2010
Mark Cooper Interxion 20 Dec 2016
Sylvie LaPerrière (Chair) Google  21 Nov 2012
Eric Loos BICS 20 Dec 2016
Bart van der Sloot LeaseWeb 20 Dec 2016

New Board 1 Bw

AMS-IX Board as of December 2016 (from left to right): Mark Cooper, Bart van der Sloot, Sylvie LaPerriere, Eric Loos and Alex Bik.