16 September 2015

EvoSwitch Launches OpenCloud, Providing Secure Access to Global and Local Public Clouds


Partnership with AMS-IX further extends opportunities for partners and customers

EvoSwitch, a leading provider of sustainable and innovative cloud-neutral data center services, has announced the launch of OpenCloud, a marketplace for Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), Cloud Interconnect partners and System Integrator (SIs) and Enterprise customers.

OpenCloud will bring new opportunities for providers of Cloud (interconnect) services, and will make it easy for Enterprise and SI customers to find the right partner to support their Public or Hybrid Cloud environments, including direct access to the large Public Clouds of Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

"We have hundreds of direct and indirect customers colocated inside our data centers," says Eric Boonstra, MD of EvoSwitch. "But it is not always clear to an Enterprise customer looking to build a Hybrid Cloud environment, that they could partner with many of our other customers in the same facility to build, manage and scale that cloud. This is what OpenCloud looks to solve. EvoSwitch, as a provider of highly secure Cloud-Neutral colocation facilities, is looking to be the partner of choice for Enterprise customers looking for a vibrant ecosystem of partners where there is little risk of vendor lock-in. This combination of providing both opportunities and choice to an ecosystem of Internet related companies has worked very well for us in the past, and we look forward to copying its success around Hybrid Cloud."

A key partner of EvoSwitch is the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX), which, as the leading provider of high-quality IP interconnection and peering services for parties such as cloud providers, has been playing an active role in connecting EvoSwitch customers to parties connected to its platform elsewhere. The partnership with AMS-IX now further expands on the interconnection options available to EvoSwitch customers. By providing direct access to a dedicated VLAN at its platform, EvoSwitch customers and partners can quickly and securely interconnect to CSPs, SIs and Enterprise private clouds colocated in other data centers in the greater Amsterdam region.

"We are thrilled to be expanding our partnership with EvoSwitch and that they will be using our interconnection expertise and infrastructure for their OpenCloud service," says Job Witteman, CEO of AMS-IX. "We applaud them for their vision that the Cloud ecosystem can only truly thrive and grow in Amsterdam if cloud providers are accessible via a neutral platform. By going first, EvoSwitch is showing their commitment to a neutral and open ecosystem that will benefit all."

"Although we believe there are strong arguments for service providers and enterprises to come to our facilities, we accept that sometimes, choices have been made and private clouds or service providers are not with us as customers," says Eric Boonstra."AMS-IX now makes it possible for them to reach into our data center and interconnect with the service provider of choice, and vice versa. We believe that ultimately, this will benefit all of Amsterdam as a hub for Cloud Service Providers, much like AMS-IX has had this effect for Internet related companies in the region."

OpenCloud is available to all EvoSwitch customers with some 25 CSPs already participating. For more information and to request access, please visit https://opencloud.evoswitch.com