Management Team

Job Witteman, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Mr. Witteman has been CEO of the AMS-IX Company since it was formed in 2000. In that capacity he was one of the founders of Euro-IX, a platform for European Internet exchanges. Before, Mr. Witteman joined AMS-IX, he was a founding board member of the AMS-IX Association that was formed in 1997. Currently, he is part of the Logistics Group of the Amsterdam Economic Board.

Prior to joining AMS-IX he was Senior Marketing Executive with UPC (Liberty/UCG) and GlobalOne/France Telecom. For both companies he initiated the (European) Internet Service portfolio.

Mr. Witteman was involved in the set up of the first commercial pan-European ISP EUnet prior to that. He holds a Masters degree in Computational Linguistics from the Amsterdam University.
2016 Witteman Photo Zw Lowres
2016 Steenman Photo Zw Lowres Henk Steenman, Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Henk Steenman joined AMS-IX in 2001 when the AMS-IX Association decided to insource the technical management of the Exchange to the AMS-IX B.V. Before he joined AMS-IX as CTO, Mr. Steenman had already been involved with AMS-IX as board member and chair of the AMS-IX Association.

Prior to working at AMS-IX, Mr. Steenman was Director Internetworking Center of Expertise (ICoE) at AT&T. In this role he was responsible for the ICoE budget, 9 team members and a lab environment. Prior to his function as Director ICoE, Mr. Steenman worked as a Senior Network Architect for AT&T. Before working at AT&T, Mr. Steenman worked at the Network Operations Center of SARA (1990 -1997 and as Manager Network Services at SURFnet BV.

Mr. Steenman studied Astrophysics, Mathematics and Theoretical Physics at the University of Amsterdam and holds a bachelor degree in Marine Engineering.
Saskia Poelman, Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Saskia Poelman joined the company in 2015 and is responsible for the AMS-IX financial department.

Prior to joining AMS-IX, Mrs Poelman worked at AkzoNobel where she led multiple larger finance projects with a focus on standardising and centralising financial processes and departments.

The first 12 years of her career Mrs Poelman worked as an auditor for Deloitte and a chain of smaller auditing firms.

The following 8 years Mrs Poelman was employed in mid-size and multinational companies in various finance management positions.

Mrs Poelman studied at Nyenrode Business University.
2016 Poelman Photo Zw Lowres