The AMS-IX Association

About twenty Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Telecommunications Carriers founded the AMS-IX Association in 1997. As from the spring of 2011 parties have been given the option to just become a customer against the same terms and conditions or to become a member of the Association as well. Before that time, all organisations that had been connected to AMS-IX automatically became a member of the AMS-IX Association and thereby gained an equal right to vote at the general assembly and shareholders meeting. 

The AMS-IX Association is the only shareholder of the AMS-IX Company, while the AMS-IX Company is the only shareholder of the AMS-IX USA Inc, which deploys AMS-IX New York in the United States. 

A General Meeting (GM), in which all members have a seat, is held twice a year. During the GM members are informed about strategic changes that are part of the AMS-IX Company's strategy. The Company's strategy is written down in a Long Term Strategy plan, which is updated annually and has to be approved by the Associations' members by a majority of votes. The other main voting item at the GM is the Board election.