Joint Marketing Activities

AMS-IX has established several joint marketing programs with parties in or related to the IX industry. We only enter these joint marketing programs if the parties involved bring added value to the AMS-IX connected networks. AMS-IX never has financial gain through the programs and only acts as an intermediary. If you want more information on the programs, please contact


All AMS-IX members/customers can obtain one special 'peering version' licence of Renesys its well known Routing Intelligence product. Routing Intelligence analyzes global routing data and displays the results in clear, concise formats. Network operators can use this in-depth analysis to maintain their global routing state, and their customers’ access. Adverse events are identified and resolved—before customers are affected. In return Renesys has the ability to use a port on the AMS-IX platform for the use of collecting routing information from the connected networks.


Neustar is testing its SIP-IX service at AMS-IX, the first comprehensive suite of services designed to enable direct network-to-network peering between trading partners for voice, video and content services using Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)-based technologies such as IP multimedia (IMS) and VoIP. The program forms the beginning of a community of neutral infrastructure service providers to deliver SIP-IX. SIP-IX will build on the existing IP network-level peering foundation provided by AMS-IX, and will provide a higher layer of services essential to enable network operators to exchange SIP traffic for advanced services. With SIP-IX, network operators offering SIP-based applications, including VoIP, IMS, Multimedia Instant Messaging, video calls and content, and Push-to-Talk over Cellular, will be able utilize existing IP network peering facilities to originate, terminate and share calls or sessions for mobile, fixed and broadband communications.