Referral Program

Frequently our new customers are referred to us by existing members or industry relations. AMS-IX highly appreciates these referrals since more parties at the exchange mean more peering opportunities, making the AMS-IX platform even more attractive to peer at.

To show our appreciation we have developed a referral program where parties can join to receive a (modest) bonus upon bringing in new networks. You have to qualify upfront to be entitled to the referral bonus, see the requirements below. If you qualify and want to join you can fill in the entry form to the referral program.

Referral program details

The AMS-IX referral program is aimed at parties that refer potential new networks to AMS-IX. Those parties will receive a bonus for successful referrals. The one time bonuses due are the following:

  • 1 Gb EUR 500
  • 10 Gb EUR 1500

The referral has to be done before the actual customer entry form for membership application and connection is sent by the new potential member. Once the entry form is actually received, AMS-IX manages the new connection as any regular new application. After successful connection by the new network the bonus is due to the referring party. If more parties claim a referral, the bonus is due to the party that claimed the referral first. A referral cannot be done for your own port.

The program differs from our Partner Program. Partners are able to resell AMS-IX as if the AMS-IX service is part of their portfolio and have certain rights and obligations (customer relation management, billing and first line support, use of logo, receiving of leads, mentioned on website). Partners receive a higher bonus for their efforts. The referral program is more like “here is a new customer, have fun” without much further commitment.


  • The referring party should be a legal entity
  • The referring party is not a Partner or AMS-IX housing site (not eligible)
  • The referring party should be willing to sign the Statement of Conduct for the referral program.
  • Once joined, the referring party should enlist referrals beforehand. Please send an e-mail to to claim the referral.