Sponsoring by AMS-IX

AMS-IX annually reserves a modest sponsor budget for projects fitting our 'for the good of the Internet' philosophy or events that have a tight relationship to our industry. With our not-for-profit attitude we carefully select sponsor projects, they should be targeted, fitting and preferably not-for-profit themselves.

Projects and events we have actively supported and sponsored over the last couple of years are: the Dutch ISP karting competition, an annual industry event in which many of our Dutch networks participate and TheNextWeb, a large European based Web 2.0 conference. Additionally we have an annual party that (almost) always coincides with the Amsterdam based RIPE meeting. Sometimes AMS-IX sponsors (events of) its members/customers or relations in kind by (temporarily) providing an exchange port for their use.

In case you want AMS-IX to sponsor your event and you feel you meet the above criteria please mail to: marketing@ams-ix.net

Besides sponsoring aimed at marketing we have a more philanthropic budget for which employees can submit a request for supporting a cause they think worthy. One of previous years' choices was supporting Foundation "Het Atelier" for kids in lesser fortunate areas of Amsterdam to develop themselves socially, personally and creatively, another one was for Foundation Unuputin in Surinam helping kids go to school. Furthermore we supported Biking for Energy, which is a project to raise money for the research into Mitochondrial deseases and supported to build a natural pool close to Amsterdam.

To Sponsor AMS-IX

Since we represent an unique industry community we often get requests for sponsorship of AMS-IX in various ways. We are very reluctant in having our events sponsored to avoid commercialization. In the rare occasion we do allow sponsorship, our members and partners in the AMS-IX partner program and joint marketing programs get preference.

We also keep a list of potential sponsors, in case you want to receive sponsor requests by AMS-IX please mail to: marketing@ams-ix.net

AMS-IX co-hosts a number of Peering Forums with other exchanges - see www.peeringforum.com and www.peering-forum.eu - these are events that do rely on sponsorship. Please see the contact details of those organisations for sponsorship.