“Quality is paramount!”

LeaseWeb, provides services such as Public and Private Cloud, CDN, Colocation, Dedicated Servers and hybrid solutions. The company has one of the largest port capacities at AMS-IX, with whom they have been working since 2002. A brand of the OCOM Group, LeaseWeb was one of the very first AMS-IX members to connect at 10GE, back in 2004, and one of the first to connect at 100GE in 2012. Currently, LeaseWeb has companies in the Netherlands, Germany and the USA, and a branch will be opened in Asia in 2014.

“These bandwidth boosts were necessary to support scalability and growing demand for our services,” says Laurens Rosenthal. “Today, many types of service, and even entire industries, are being ported to the Internet. Clients are really entrusting us with an essential part of their business, so quality is paramount.”

Con Zwinkels adds: “Many clients are resellers and companies that provide services, so we have to offer complete flexibility and guarantee uptime. Over the past 20 years, AMS-IX - originally a science park department with a few computers - has made vast steps, in line with the development of the entire hosting industry. Not only with regard to technology, but also in the areas of professionalism, organisation, partnering, consulting and vision.”

The companies that joined in the early days of AMS-IX have supported each other through joint growth. Unlike exchanges in the US, where private firms charged high interconnection fees, AMS-IX offered direct data access, which provided a cost benefit that could be passed on to the end users. For LeaseWeb, knowing that the infrastructure always works and can accommodate current and future demands is vital.

“We’ve seen many technical innovations in recent years, and AMS-IX has tackled matters such as creating redundancy and boosting capacity very well,” explains Laurens. “This helps us provide innovative hosting solutions. For example, we’ve developed our own open-source-based cloud platforms and Content Delivery Network.” This last service is ideal for distributing files which are going to be downloaded very intensively, on a large scale, for a limited time, without any side effects for other network traffic. Hundreds of thousands of people around the globe can, for example, install newly released SatNav updates without any delays or lowering of speeds.

Amsterdam’s Internet hub is the third Dutch mainport, along with Schiphol Airport and the Port of Rotterdam, confirms Con. “With government support, we could become Europe’s Silicon Valley. However, we need to ensure enough qualified people are available to develop the sector. We hope AMS-IX keeps expanding its international presence and remains in dialogue with governments to ensure the Internet retains its open character.”

LeaseWeb and its subsidiaries are part of the OCOM Group. Con Zwinkels is Managing Director and cofounder of OCOM, Laurens Rosenthal is Innovation Director and cofounder.