Logos & Statistics

The names "Amsterdam Internet Exchange", "AMS-IX", the X-icon and the AMS-IX logo are copyright protected and trademarked at the Benelux-Merkenbureau. AMS-IX B.V. has exclusive right to the brand AMS-IX. The logo, name and icon may only be used by the AMS-IX Company and the AMS-IX Association. For AMS-IX members/customers and (registered) partners we have dedicated versions of the logo. Neither the name, nor the logos, can be used without explicit permission of AMS-IX BV.

AMS-IX members/customers and partners place high value on the distinction of being connected to AMS-IX and thus being able to use the logo. Therefore, as a matter of policy, AMS-IX takes a serious view of organisations making false or premature claims in that respect. As a result, we are obliged to take appropriate measures to protect our members' status and AMS-IX branding.

Below we have different logos for you to download. If the logo you need is not available on this page please send an email to pr@ams-ix.net


Ams Ix Logo Rgb 72dpi

Download AMS-IX logo: EPS / SVG / JPG / PNG

Partner logo  

As a Partner, you are allowed to use the "Partner of AMS-IX" logo for communication purposes aimed at marketing and sales of AMS-IX connections.

Ams Ix Partner Logo Black Orange

Download AMS-IX Partner logo: EPS / SVG / JPG / PNG

Partners that have earned Gold or Silver status can request their logo by email


If for some reason you want to use the general AMS-IX logo you can send a request to pr@ams-ix.net and we will review your request. It is not allowed to use the general logo without prior permission.

Use of Statistics

Third parties are allowed to use the AMS-IX statistics that are published on the website. Upon doing so, please make sure to mention that AMS-IX holds copyright on this information and to accompany the figures with a link directing to the figures on our website.