The strategy of AMS-IX is aimed at growth. Continuous growth is what defines the value of an exchange, first and foremost in the amount of connected parties, with associated growth in ports, traffic rate, volume and routes. With a small home market AMS-IX's growth has originated from all around the globe and we can proudly say that we are the world leader in terms of peer diversity and the amount of networks connected.

We have carefully built up this top of the bill, principal position over the years. AMS-IX's not-for-profit, neutral and independent structure ensures that growth does not come at all cost. The ground principle of an Internet exchange, delivering packets 24x7, always and without fail in a professional and reliable manner, is of key importance. Our key longterm objectives are the following:

  • To be the leading Internet exchange in the world - building principal marketplaces
  • To be the best in class reputation – technical, member/customer satisfaction, value for money and business reputation in general
  • Develop our successful exchange model in other places in the world through collaborative partnerships
  • Keep increasing value for all stakeholders through economies of scale

We believe in the AMS-IX model where we work together in a collaborative setting with other industry parties, strengthening and complementing each other, be it in services, capabilities or geographies:

Ams Ix Collaborative Model  

AMS-IX collaborative model