Word from the CEO:

Job Witteman

Looking back, we are proud to see that once again we realised tremendous growth. More than 100 new networks joined the platform in Amsterdam, while existing networks upgraded their connectivity, resulting in an additional 3,5 Tbps of capacity. Our partners have contributed substantially by bringing in 74% of these new networks.

The coming months, we aim to further strengthen the role we currently have in the Netherlands and expand across the globe in a similar way, with the same vision in mind. We aim to create breeding grounds that help grow digital economies, so that many more people can enjoy the luxury of being connected efficiently, effectively and reliably.

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Preface by the Chairwoman:

Sylvie LaPerrière

AMS-IX’s commitment to thinking ahead and spreading its open Internet access model across the globe has been clearly visible in the past year. 2014 witnessed the arrival of the AMS-IX East Africa Exchange Point platform, AMS-IX Bay Area and AMS-IX Chicago, and new PoPs in New York.

Besides ongoing global expansion and forging new partnerships, AMS-IX has also been occupied with other matters. Customer Service and My.AMS-IX have been revamped and they have continued to focus on internal communications

Over the past two decades, AMS-IX has built itself a reputation as a forward-looking Internet pioneer and provider of the most excellent service. The main challenge today is to keep moving and developing to keep up with constant changes and new risks. The entire organisation will continue to innovate and deliver the best value to its members and customers.

Download the full Annual Report and Accounts 2014 to read the complete Preface by the Chairwoman


AMS-IX in Amsterdam

109 New members
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20 Years of AMS-IX

It all started 20 years ago when AMS-IX was mentioned for the first time in an email from Erik-Jan Bos of SURFnet to four other people, including the current CTO of AMS-IX: Henk Steenman. Since then, the growth and development of AMS-IX has been rapid.

For a more elaborate view of AMS-IX through the years we have created an Anniversary Book filled with stories and photos of people who contributed to the development of AMS-IX, but also the Internet in general. Click on the previous link to read everything you always wanted to know about AMS-IX.

Expansion Abroad

AMS-IX New York

Following the start of AMS-IX New York in the 111 8th Digital Realty facility in November 2013, more PoPs were added to this peering platform during 2014. The deployment of its second PoP in Sabey Data Centers’ Intergate Manhattan was announced during the launch ceremony of AMS-IX New York in April 2014, led by the mayor of the city of Amsterdam. Since Amsterdam shares a lot of similarities with New York – a reputation for liberal values, free thought, entrepreneurship and innovation – he was the perfect man for this job. The next few months AMS-IX New York expanded to respectively DuPont Fabros Technology’s NJ1 data center and 325 Hudson, bringing the total number of PoPs to 4 at the end of 2014.

Expansion Abroad

AMS-IX Bay Area

The launch of AMS-IX Bay Area took place in September 2014. The AMS-IX USA Inc. expanded its relationship with Digital Realty by opening the first PoP in their 365 Main Street facility. Starting AMS-IX Bay Area in the San Francisco/San Jose region has been a great opportunity for AMS-IX. Many tech companies, and therefore potential clients, are located in this region. In addition, the presence of several data centres in this region makes it possible to set up a neutral and distributed Internet Exchange. The distributed model ensures additional peering opportunities to other connected parties on the platform, including those customers that are located in other data centres.

To make sure AMS-IX Bay Area became a distributed platform AMS-IX decided to expand to CoreSite’s SV1 facility, which was announced in December 2014.

Expansion Abroad

AMS-IX Chicago

AMS-IX Chicago is the third deployment of AMS-IX USA Inc., following on from AMS-IX New York and AMS-IX Bay Area. This peering platform started off at CME Group Cermak Hosting Facility in October 2014. CME Cermak is housed in one of the world’s largest carrier hotels, which has an industrial strength infrastructure and features an advanced cooling system. Furthermore, CME Cermak houses many financial market participants. This has been giving AMS-IX the possibility to reach a new target group as financial organisations rely more and more on the Internet for their business.

Expansion Abroad

AMS-IX East Africa Exchange Point

The AMS-IX East Africa Point went live in April 2014. This peering platform is in collaboration with the Kenya Internet Exchange Point (KIXP) and builds on the successful and proven design of AMS-IX in Amsterdam.

East Africa is an important emerging market, led by Kenya, especially from an ICT point of view. Interconnection is becoming more and more essential to enable the region’s developing business activity. By deploying an Internet Exchange in this region AMS-IX aims to improve the African Internet ecosystem.


AMS-IX in Amsterdam

As in previous years, our partners were instrumental to the growth of AMS-IX: 74% of our new members and customers came in through a partner, compared to 68% in 2013.

Our top performing partners were Hibernia Networks (previously known as Atrato IP Networks), Equinix, EvoSwitch, Hutchison Global Communications (HGC) and IX Reach. They received the AMS-IX Gold Partner status, based on their performance in 2013, which was valid throughout 2014

Five new parties joined our Partner Program during 2014. Their names are Quanza Engineering, ReTN, Core-Backbone, Türk Telekom International, Orange Polska. These parties further expand the geographical coverage and bring new parties the opportunity to connect to the platform.


AMS-IX Hong Kong

Sales and first line customer service for AMS-IX Hong Kong became the joint responsibility of AMS-IX and HGC. Up until the summer of 2014, only HGC was responsible for these disciplines.

Asia was a new market for AMS-IX at the start in 2012. For this reason, AMS-IX chose to work with a partner who was well established and active in the region. In the meantime, AMS-IX could focus on the platform in Amsterdam. By assuming full responsibility for all operations of AMS-IX Hong Kong, AMS-IX can coordinate all activities more closely, and as a result work more efficiently and further grow the exchange as well as further develop the interconnection market in the Hong Kong region.


AMS-IX New York

Our top-performing partner, IX Reach, became the first reseller for AMS-IX New York in 2014. This partnership enables IX Reach to remotely connect parties to peer at the exchange and enhance their IP service offering.

Certifications and Awards

AMS-IX in New York

AMS-IX New York has been awarded the IXP Open-IX certification for the New York/New Jersey metropolitan statistical area. By having received this certification from the Open-IX Association (OIX), AMS-IX New York became the first OIX certified neutral and distributed Internet Exchange in the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area.

The Open-IX Association is a 501(c)(6) non-profit industry association formed to promote better standards for data center interconnection and Internet exchanges. Organized and operated by volunteers from the Internet, the Open-IX Association aims to increase the reliability, resiliency and competitiveness of massive-scale interconnection for all.

    Technical developments


    The annual volume of data bilaterally exchanged between the connected networks on the exchange in Amsterdam was 7.1 Exabyte, or 7100 Petabyte. In MP3 songs encoded at an average bitrate, this would result in a 14 million-year playlist.

    The peak traffic rate on the ISP VLAN, an industry standard 5-minute average, grew from 2547 Gbps to 3374 Gbps in 2014, a growth of 32%. Total traffic volume over the year grew by 29% compared to 2013. This is quite in line with global averages.

    Technical developments

    Building of US platforms

    2014 was marked by the building of new Internet Exchanges and expansion of our existing platforms. The engineering team has never built this many locations since the AMS-IX was founded. Most of these locations are in the US. AMS-IX Bay Area became fully productive in September, followed by AMS-IX Chicago in November. Three extra locations were also added to AMS-IX New York in Sabey Data Centers’ Intergate Manhattan, DuPont Fabros Technology’s NJ1 data centre and 325 Hudson, while a second Point-of-Presence (PoP) of AMS-IX Bay Area was built in CoreSite’s SV1 location in San Jose.

    Ariën Vijn, our Team Leader Engineering & Research, wrote down his experience of building Internet Exchanges in the US. Please download the full Annual Report and Accounts 2014 to read his blogpost.

    Technical developments

    Platform in Amsterdam

    In Amsterdam, the engineering team executed the work required to keep the AMS-IX platform up to date. They performed many backbone upgrades and built new ports.

    The NOC executed the peering LAN renumbering. Until October 2014, AMS-IX used a /22 prefix, allowing for approximately thousand connected routers. This number was no longer sufficient, so they received a new /21 prefix. Because of this development all connected routers needed to get a new address.

    Download the full Annual Report and Accounts 2014 to read the Word from the CTO.

    Outlook by:

    Mark Cooper

    Over the past two years, AMS-IX has continued to expand rapidly and now, we feel the time has come to consolidate. In 2015, we will mainly focus on the existing AMS-IX platforms that we have built. This means actively targeting and adding new customers, and strengthening the position of these platforms.

    Please read the chapter ‘Outlook for 2015 and Beyond’ in the full annual report to see in detail which general, technical and commercial developments will take place in 2015 and beyond. Enjoy reading this chapter.