Word from the CEO:

Job Witteman

The entire team at AMS-IX delivered a fantastic performance over the past year. Generally speaking, we had a successful 2015, which has been extremely busy indeed. We welcomed new colleagues and new customers and introduced new events and activities that we will be pursuing in coming years.

We are broadening our scope: besides being a ‘traditional’ Internet Exchange, we are developing our capabilities in software, working with new colleagues. We are a dynamic, multicultural environment with a good gender balance and plenty of opportunity to innovate. In another 20 years we will still be here and ideally Internet will be perceived as a utility; like electricity, water and gas today.

Download the PDF version of the Annual Report to read the Word from the CEO in full.

Preface by the Chairwoman:

Sylvie LaPerrière

2015 has been a year of looking forward. We have been questioning the way we operate at every level. As one of the world’s first Internet Exchanges, built on a traditional model, we realize that things are changing around us. The interconnection market is transforming and new players are emerging. Instead of resisting these changes, we’re embracing them in a structured manner. This is bringing exciting new challenges that make our jobs more interesting.

My focus for the coming three years is help AMS-IX transform, ensuring we adjust to new market conditions and developments such as increasing virtualization. We will continue to be a leader in the Internet Exchange market, maintaining our competitive edge in Amsterdam and growing our platforms worldwide. Communicating a clear strategy is vital to our continued success.

Download the PDF version of the Annual Report to read the Board Chairwoman’s Statement in full.


AMS-IX in Amsterdam

127 New members
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Our four most successful partners/resellers are:

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Strategic Agreement with ChinaCache

One of the most striking new partnerships forged in 2015 was the strategic agreement with ChinaCache. CHN-IX.

To find out more about this partnership read the interview with CCO Mark Cooper on the AMS-IX website.


Successful Partner Program

AMS-IX added more customers in 2015 than in any previous year. Our partners had an important part in this: 77% of our new members and customers came in through a partner, compared to 74% in 2014.

Our top performing partners of 2015 are Equinix, EvoSwitch, IX Reach and RETN.

Two new parties joined the AMS-IX Partner Program: “Akado Telecom”, a leading telecom operator in the Moscow region and Dutch based connectivity provider atom86.

Technical developments

24x7 NOC

Since October 2015 the AMS-IX NOC has been collaborating with Quanza Engineering who provides 24x7 NOC-as-a-Service (qNOC) for the AMS-IX first-line support. The tasks of qNOC include active monitoring of the AMS-IX platform, filtering incoming tickets and responding to inbound phone calls. Based upon the criticality of incoming alerts, tickets and calls the qNOC will either take action themselves or escalate directly to the AMS-IX NOC. AMS-IX has ensured sufficient control measures and provided qNOC with the necessary tools to easily and effectively perform their tasks while guaranteeing the integrity of the AMS-IX platform, the monitoring tools and customer portals.

Technical developments

Falcon Route Servers

The beta version of the “Falcon” class route servers went into production at the AMS-IX platform in September 2015. The IRRdb and RPKI systems, which are managed by the Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) such as RIPE and APNIC, both hold information that engineers can use to classify BGP traffic in a way that they can better manage incoming IP traffic and/or guarantee safe routing.

Members welcomed the “Falcon” class route servers with great enthusiasm, because they believe this service contributes to a more reliable and robust routing system. As a result of this enthusiasm, the “Falcons” went officially into production at the end of 2015.

Technical developments

Expansion of US Platforms

One of the technical developments that stood out in 2015 is the expansion of the AMS-IX exchanges in the US. AMS-IX Bay Area established a PoP in Hurricane Electric’s Fremont 2 data center and the San Francisco facility of Telx. CoreSite’s CH1 data centre and DFT Chicago’s 2 data centre.

Technical developments

Software Toolset

Over the years, AMS-IX has developed an extensive software toolset to maintain its peering platforms, including automated provisioning and an extensive customer portal allowing customers to get in-depth information on their connection(s) as well as managing operational parameters.

The toolset got the attention of ChinaCache to be used on their new Internet Exchange platforms in China. This created the ChinaCache – AMS-IX collaboration late 2015 and can be considered a new milestone for AMS-IX.

Technical developments

Traffic Growth

In September 2015, AMS-IX’s peak traffic broke through the barrier of 4 Terabits per second (Tbps). The overall Internet traffic volume at AMS-IX increased by 27% from 7.1 to 9 Exabytes (around 9 million Terabytes).

The growth of the volume also had an influence on the capacity. An example of this growth is the doubling of the number of ports with a larger capacity (100GE ports). Furthermore, AMS-IX experienced almost a trebling of the IPv6 traffic in the span of a single year: From 24 gigabits per second (Gbps) in 2014 to 68 Gbps in 2015.



AMS-IX appointed Saskia Poelman as Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Prior to joining AMS-IX, Saskia held the position of Global Transition Lead at AkzoNobel. She has over seventeen years’ experience in both financial and managerial positions at organizations such as Deloitte, BDO and Heineken.


Reappointment Chairwoman

Sylvie LaPerrière, Manager Interconnection and Network Content Distribution at Google, entered into her second three-year term as a member of the AMS-IX Executive Board in December 2015. Members of the AMS-IX Association re-elected Sylvie at the 43 rd General Meeting.

Certifications and Awards

Open-IX Certifications

In April 2015, the Open-IX Association (OIX) announced that AMS-IX in Amsterdam had been awarded OPEN-IX® OIX-1. By receiving this certification, this platform became the first neutral and distributed Internet Exchange outside of the United States to be OIX-1 certified.

In addition to AMS-IX in Amsterdam, also AMS-IX Chicago and AMS-IX Hong Kong received OPEN-IX® certification in 2015. AMS-IX Hong Kong became the first Internet Exchange in Asia to be OPEN-IX-certified.