Up until 2011 all customers of the AMS-IX company had to become members of the AMS-IX Association. In some cases this prohibited networks from actually connecting as they could not become part of a foreign entity, even in the form of an Association. In other cases the structure was perceived complex and required a lot of explaining. So nowadays parties that want to connect to the AMS-IX exchange platform have a free choice of becoming a member of the AMS-IX Association or not, with the exception of networks joining through a reseller. They cannot become a member of the Association.

Customers and members receive the same services and have the same benefits. The technical requirements and terms and conditions are the same. Both will be invited to the European and Global peering forums, to the MORE-IP event and other customer events. The additional advantage, and requirement, that membership brings is the ability to attend and vote in the AMS-IX Association General Meeting. Member representatives may also be nominated for the AMS-IX Executive Board.

In the AMS-IX General Meeting a number of items are presented to and discussed with the members, such as the Annual Accounts, the Long Term Commercial Strategy, business and technical updates and operational reviews as well as the elections of the Board. In case a network is willing to actively participate in discussions on and exert influence regarding these topics then a membership of the Association is advisable. In case the network sees AMS-IX as primarily a service provider then being a customer is more straightforward.

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The AMS-IX Board listening to the CMO during the 37th General Meeting in Amsterdam