Choosing, contacting and accessing a colocation

The AMS-IX infrastructure is housed in several data centres with secure and controlled environments. At these data centres, customers can connect to the infrastructure locally by a cross-connect between their equipment and the AMS-IX patch panel. AMS-IX also allows for a remote connection through the carriers and transport providers offering services at these sites.

The colocations themselves are independent of AMS-IX and therefore any issues regarding the housing of equipment at these sites needs to be directed towards the colocations directly. Note that you must have an agreement with your chosen colocation before you can connect to the AMS-IX network.

Which colocation fits ?

Please consider all colocations before you choose where you want us to provision a connection for you. AMS-IX offers identical services at all sites, however the locations differ in their data centre service offerings and service levels, so choose the one that best fits your needs. Use the links below to find out about their services, pricing and availability and contact them in case you need more information.

Tc Logo Rgb Certified V3 AMS2 - Amsterdam Southeast
Certified V3 AMS5 - Amsterdam Southeast
Certified V3 AMS4 - Amsterdam Amstel Business Park (extension to Southeast)
Equinix Red And Black W330 Certified V3 AM1/2 - Southeast 
Certified V3 AM3 - Science Park
Nikhef Certified V3 Amsterdam Science Park
Inter Xion Certified V3 Schiphol-Rijk
Vancis Logo Rgb Certified V3 Amsterdam Science Park
Evoswitch W330 Certified V3 Haarlem
(greater Amsterdam area)
Global Switch W200 Certified V3 Amsterdam Slotervaart
Eu Networks Logo Certified V3 Amsterdam Amstel Business Park

Datacenter Standard and certificate

During 2009 AMS-IX developed a colocation/data centre standard due to some issues encountered in 2008 and ambiguity about what standards were to comply with. The standard defines the minimum acceptable levels, of technical implementation, resilience of operation and business continuity management for data centres providing services to AMS-IX.

Download: AMS-IX Datacenter Standard

Other Datacenters 

Of course AMS-IX is made available in many other data centres throughout the Netherlands, Europe and worldwide as we allow remote connections to the exchange. We have members/customers that have their equipment in Sillicon Valley in the US for instance and peer remotely. Under our AMS-IX Partner program parties even resell AMS-IX ports, offering a full remote experience with a local contact. Many of the AMS-IX members/customers offer attractive packages for parties that want to join AMS-IX.