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Vancis, incorporated in 2008, delivers quality ICT services to universities, educational and health care industry and corporate enterprises. Vancis connects organizations through smart ICT solutions and infinite capacity. The organisation manages two of its own sustainable data centers in Amsterdam and Almere that avail over extensive connectivity options, including the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX). Vancis offers her customers cost-effective, 24x7 continuity and security conforming to the highest industry standards (ISO 27001 and ISO 9001). The data centers of Vancis have a unparalleled connectivity via the main Internet Exchanges and over 100 carriers Vancis has core competencies in data center services, cloud services, managed services and application management. Vancis is a relatively young enterprise that takes advantage of the more than forty years of experience in the high-value, high-tech market of SURFsara, its IT technology partner. Thanks to our scientific background innovation is paramount. Vancis heavily invest in research, innovation and new services.

To gain access to the Vancis housing site or enquire about your equipment housed there, please contact:

Phone: +31(0)20 560 6600

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Science Park 408

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Science Park 121
The Netherlands

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See the Vancis Amsterdam Website.