Connect Remotely

You can connect to AMS-IX from anywhere in the world.


  • No equipment needed in one of the 14 colocations where AMS-IX is present
  • Lower port capacities available (from 100Mbps)
  • Cost-effective for networks that want to start peering internationally

How to connect remotely

  1. Connect via one of our partners
    Our Partner Program enables carriers to resell AMS-IX ports from any location where they have infrastructure connected to our Internet Exchange. This all-in-one service includes IP transport. 
    > Find out where our partners are located

  2. Connect from another location
    You can also connect from a location where neither AMS-IX or AMS-IX’s partners are present. For this, you can use any of the carriers and transport providers that have presence in one or more of our colocations in Amsterdam. In this case a local cross connect is needed from the transport provider’s terminal point to our patch panel on site (although this can usually be arranged through your transport provider).

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