Connect Remotely

AMS-IX allows remote connections from your current location or nearest point of presence through one of the carriers and transport providers that offer services to one or more of our colocations in Amsterdam.

One of the easiest ways for IP networks to connect to the AMS-IX platform remotely is through our Partner Program. The AMS-IX Partner Program enables carriers to resell AMS-IX ports anywhere they have infrastructure connected to the Internet exchange. In this case you can connect remotely to AMS-IX from anywhere in the world, by purchasing all-in-one service including IP transport and AMS-IX connection.

In case you are connecting remotely (long-distance fiber or a remote layer 2 connection), you are still responsible for ordering the local cross connect from the transport provider's termination point to our patch panel on site (although this can usually be arranged through your transport provider). Please make sure that the colocation provider is aware that you are connecting to us at their site, as we will check this with them.

Benefits of connecting remotely 

• No equipment needed in one of the 11 colocations of AMS-IX in Amsterdam
• Lower port capacities available through our Partner Program (from 100Mbps)
• Cost effective way to connect to AMS-IX for networks that want to start with peering international

Market place for transport services and layer 2 connectivity

When you want to connect to AMS-IX and are in need of transport services from a carrier to our Internet exchange we can help you get in touch with the nearest carriers and providers for suitable proposals. Please fill in the below form, specifying your requirements (from where, which type of service and capacity) and we'll make sure you will receive the information you need.

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