21 September 2018

From Drawing Board to Production: DCI Implementations - The Final Link

Blog by Tim Vriend, Team Lead Engineering at AMS-IX

Back in 2015, AMS-IX tested a series of DWDM Equipment under the name of Data Centre Interconnect (DCI) from different vendors in an effort to optimize the Core network.

On September 1st 2016, Henk Steenman (CTO at AMS-IX)…

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06 September 2018

Konstantinos Prantzos appointed as AMS-IX NOC manager

AMS-IX has appointed Konstantinos Prantzos as Network Operations Centre (NOC) manager as of September 1st 2018.

Henk Steenman, CTO AMS-IX: “We are really glad that AMS-IX can announce that Konstantinos Prantzos has accepted the position of NOC manager. His technical expertise combined with his managerial capabilities and no-nonsense…

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01 August 2018

To roam or not to roam

Blog by Erik Verhoef, business development manager at AMS-IX

It almost seems a lifetime ago when going on holiday in Europe also meant that you had to pray for decent Wi-Fi at your hotel as you disabled roaming on your smartphone in order to avoid a ‘bill shock’…

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06 July 2018

Google Global Cache nodes upgraded to accommodate future growth

Google is YouTube, Google search, Maps, Photos, G Suite, Google Cloud platform and much more… These apps generate data and demand connectivity at all times at the fingertips of billions of people. But does this traffic gets managed efficiently and cost-effectively?
At the end of June 2018, the Google Global

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04 June 2018

AMS-IX will decommission New York

AMS-IX has decided to decommission the New York location by the end of Q3, 2018.

In April 2014, AMS-IX USA Inc. opened the AMS-IX New York Internet Exchange. Part of our current strategy is to evaluate our existing locations, services and products.

As a result of the evaluation…

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18 April 2018

ISO 27001 certification: demonstrating our lead in information security

Blog by Aris Lambrianidis, Information Security Manager at AMS-IX

Last month, AMS-IX received ISO 27001:2013 certification which specifically deals with information security. This certification instantly makes it clear to everyone that AMS-IX has a well-rounded, highly systematic approach to information security. Internet Exchange Providers are not well understood…

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16 April 2018

Partner in the spotlight: EvoSwitch

EvoSwitch was founded in 2007 as the first carbon and carrier-neutral data centre in the Netherlands. Since our launch we have grown continuously, reflecting the phenomenal year-on-year growth of the Internet in general and our customers in particular. We own and operate top tier connectivity-rich data centres on both sides…

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11 April 2018

AMS-IX launches “EasyAccess”, bringing connectivity closer to customers in the Netherlands

With this newly launched service, AMS-IX continues to extend its reach in the Netherlands with an additional 25+ Data Centres. A single connection and contract allows customers to exchange traffic at AMS-IX with 800+ networks.

EasyAccess bundles IP transport and the AMS-IX peering port into one pre-negotiated, cost-efficient and

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06 April 2018

2017 AMS-IX annual survey results are in: we got a sterling 8.7!

It is once again time to share the results of our annual customer and member survey. This year’s overall performance score was an 8.7 out of 10 (where 1 is poor and 10 is excellent), which is the highest score of the past 4 years. Looking at the different AMS-IX…

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30 March 2018

Vlog: A2B Internet, predicting and mitigating DDoS-attacks

It is all about predicting from which networks a possible DDoS-attack comes from and then route that bad/naughty traffic to a separate small port. We predict this by looking at how many incorrectly configured servers are present in a certain network. When there are more servers that are incorrectly configured…

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21 March 2018

Community talk: In the end the internet will be a better place

AMS-IX is a member-based, neutral and independent Internet Exchange. Apart from the day-to-day technical operations of the technical platform, AMS-IX also builds and fosters good relationship with the internet community at large. One of our longstanding members we co-operate and innovate together with is: A2B Internet.

So, we visited…

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09 March 2018

Vlog: Protecting vital infrastructures against DDOS attacks

The Internet exists thanks to interconnection: it is a network of interconnected networks. Normally, a critical infrastructure accesses the Internet through its Internet Service Provider (ISP)  

In the event of a DDoS attack, most of the traffic comes from the ‘general’ Internet, even if the attack has been…

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02 March 2018

A simple and robust solution for protecting critical infrastructures against DDoS attacks

Blog by Henk Steenman, CTO AMS-IX

In a digitally connected country such as the Netherlands, Internet connectivity is essential to consumers as well as the business community. As Technical Director of the AMS-IX (Amsterdam Internet Exchange), I find it unacceptable that the recent DDoS attacks of late January…

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28 February 2018

Een simpele en stevige oplossing om vitale diensten te beschermen tegen DDoS-aanvallen

Blog door Henk Steenman, CTO AMS-IX

Internetconnectiviteit is van vitaal belang, zowel voor consumenten als het bedrijfsleven, voor een digitaal verbonden land als Nederland. Als Technisch Directeur van het internetknooppunt, AMS-IX, vind ik het niet acceptabel dat de recente DDoS-aanvallen van eind januari/ begin februari de dienstverlening van

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26 February 2018

AMS-IX to set up Point-of-Presence in GPX’s Mumbai Data Centre

AMS-IX India, a neutral Internet Exchange (IX), is pleased to announce the launch of a third AMS-IX India PoP (Point-of-Presence) in GPX’s Mumbai data centre. With the addition of a third PoP, AMS-IX India has a presence in all areas of Mumbai - South, Central and North. The PoP at…

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