16 September 2015

AMS-IX Breaks 4 Terabits per Second Barrier


AMS-IX has broken the peak Internet traffic barrier of 4 Terabits per second (Tbps). This milestone, together with the amount of connected IP networks (>700), underlines AMS-IX’s leading position within the global Internet Exchange Point market.

AMS-IX exceeded the 4 Tbps (4000 Gbps) of peak Internet traffic on September 16th at 8:30pm (CEST). AMS-IX reached the 3 Tbps in the same month last year and in November 2012 it hit the 2 Tbps. This demonstrates that the Internet traffic growth at AMS-IX has increased faster in the previous three years.

There are several important drivers for this growth of Internet traffic. AMS-IX has seen a strong increase in orders for new port capacity, an indication that its members and customers have prepared themselves for sustained growth in Internet traffic. In 2014 almost 3.5 Tbps of new member and customer port capacity was added to the AMS-IX peering platform, whilst in June 2015 this had already reached 3 Tbps. Next to this, the increasing use of mobile devices and data, cloud applications and online video have also contributed to driving IP traffic upward.

“Our strategy is aimed at growth, both in new parties and traffic, because continuous growth is what defines the value of an Internet Exchange,” said Job Witteman, CEO of AMS-IX. “To see AMS-IX breaking the 4 Tbps barrier after having already connected more parties in the first half of 2015 (60) than in the same period in previous years, makes us extremely positive about the future growth of the platform in the years to come.”