19 July 2012

Reasons to Connect


New members and customers explain why they applied for a connection to AMS-IX

AMS-IX is growing. Not only in the amount of traffic that passes the exchange every second. Also new members and customers connect to the platform on a daily basis. Let’s discuss a few of the networks that applied for a connection to AMS-IX recently, and the reasons why these parties choose to connect to the exchange.

Networks can get access to AMS-IX either directly or through one of our partners. An important reason for networks to choose the second option is the easier access they have to AMS-IX. The partner handles the customer relationship, no equipment has to be placed in an AMS-IX co-location and lower port capacities are available. New customers Trunk Networks and Greenhost confirm this easier access through a third party. “We already were a customer of NL-ix,” says Mart van Santen of Greenhost, a pioneer in sustainable hosting. “Therefore we could easily connect to AMS-IX without difficult technical procedures.” Another customer mentions: “Because of our partner Atrato we have chosen for AMS-IX instead of DE-CIX.”

One of the main reasons for the above customers to join the platform is the possibility to exchange Internet traffic with more (international) parties directly. Trunk Networks tells: “We have been a member at LINX for some time now, but our general desire to open up to an even larger peering audience made us decide to connect to AMS-IX as well.” Xifos Limited, an UK based provider of hosting solutions, is another party that connects to AMS-IX because of that advantage. Xifos Limited just merged with Perceptive Online, an expert in cloud hosting. Because of this merge, Xifos has increased the number of peering possibilities and a connection to AMS-IX is thus of more interest to this organization.

Next to expanding possible peering relations, improving the network performance is a decisive and common factor for parties to connect to AMS-IX. This applies to Greenhost, Serbia Broadband (SBB), Prime Telecom as well as Cablenet Communications. Marius Ionescu, VP of Sales at Prime Telecom, explains: “Prime Telecom has recently connected to AMS-IX to expand the peering options with a single connection and to assure a better network performance for its customers.” Andreas Louca, IT manager at Cablenet, states: “The main reasons why we joined AMS-IX are to expand our national and international network, and improve Internet connectivity for our clients.” Cablenet offers telecommunication services in Cyprus for the retail market, and it is the only organization on the island offering cable connections. Prime Telecom is an important player on the Romanian telecommunications market, providing the full range of services, including IP transit with Tier 1 providers. Finally, SBB is the biggest Serbian broadband and cable operator.

Other reasons to join the AMS-IX community are customer requests and its business structure. Servint, a US based hosting company, mentions the second factor. Because of the opening of its first European datacenter, Servint used very stringent requirements in its search for an Internet exchange to directly connect to: “We needed the Internet exchange to really excel at a wide range of deliverables like peering options, QoS, cost, and more. AMS-IX more than satisfied our requirements in all these areas - but they also appealed to us because of their cooperative business structure.”

Servint is not the first member to mention cost as one of the decisive factors. Others mention the same factor: “The main reason to peer with other content parties is to lower our costs” and “We choose AMS-IX over LINX because of its good price and the number of interesting peering parties.”

It is not surprising that networks connect to AMS-IX for different reasons. Besides that connecting directly or through the partner has influence on the motives, also the different backgrounds of the parties themselves have an effect. The companies that connected recently include ISPs, carriers, content providers and hosting companies. They originate mostly from Eastern Europe, the UK, the US and the Netherlands. For the diversity of the platform this development is positive, as a diverse and unique mix of Internet organizations in the AMS-IX community increases the chance for connected networks of finding appropriate parties to peer with.