05 October 2015

AMS-IX USA Inc. and GlobeNet Partner to Provide Easier Access to Internet Peering Services

Partnership Unlocks Access to South America and Enables Remote Connectivity for Parties to Peer at AMS-IX New York

AMS-IX USA Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of AMS-IX (Amsterdam Internet Exchange), welcomes wholesale provider of Latin and North America data network services GlobeNet as the first Brazilian company…

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25 September 2015

AMS-IX Introduces Provisioning API for Resellers

AMS-IX will soon be launching an API (Application Programming Interface) to My.AMS-IX and My.US.AMS-IX which allows resellers to integrate the provisioning of AMS-IX connections in their own systems, greatly reducing the dependency on human intervention and shortening lead times.

AMS-IX is the first Internet Exchange worldwide to offer…

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16 September 2015

AMS-IX Breaks 4 Terabits per Second Barrier

AMS-IX has broken the peak Internet traffic barrier of 4 Terabits per second (Tbps). This milestone, together with the amount of connected IP networks (>700), underlines AMS-IX’s leading position within the global Internet Exchange Point market.

AMS-IX exceeded the 4 Tbps (4000 Gbps) of peak Internet traffic on September…

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16 September 2015

EvoSwitch Launches OpenCloud, Providing Secure Access to Global and Local Public Clouds

Partnership with AMS-IX further extends opportunities for partners and customers

EvoSwitch, a leading provider of sustainable and innovative cloud-neutral data center services, has announced the launch of OpenCloud, a marketplace for Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), Cloud Interconnect partners and System Integrator (SIs) and Enterprise customers.

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07 September 2015

NxtVn & AMS-IX Enter into a Strategic Partnership

NxtVn, an open access and carrier neutral colocation facility provider, and AMS-IX announced that they have entered into a strategic partnership agreement. NxtVn and AMS-IX will together explore opportunities to establish AMS-IX Internet Exchanges in NxtVn’s planned pivotal data centre locations around the world, beginning with Helsinki, Finland. 

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27 August 2015

AMS-IX Appoints Saskia Poelman as CFO

AMS-IX has appointed Saskia Poelman (46) as Chief Financial Officer (CFO). She arrives at AMS-IX at an exciting time as the company’s strong growth continues: 60 new parties were connected to the peering platform in the first half of 2015, bringing the total to more than 725 members and customers.

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22 July 2015

AMS-IX Continues to Grow Significantly in Both Connected Parties and Capacity

Internet companies are preparing themselves for an increase in Internet traffic

AMS-IX (Amsterdam Internet Exchange), the largest Internet exchange in the world, connected 60 new parties to its platform in the first half of 2015, 82% of which are located outside of the Netherlands. This demonstrates AMS-IX…

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03 July 2015

Relations with an IXP: A Panel Discussion

One of the panel discussions MORE-IP attendees could follow, was the discussion ‘Relations with an IXP’ on the first day of the event. Mike Hollands (Director Connectivity Segment at Interxion), Frans ter Borg (Owner of Quanza Engineering) and Joerg Ammon (Systems Engineer Service Provider at Brocade) spoke…

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29 June 2015

The Role of Collaboration in the Digital Economy

On the second day of our MORE-IP event in Amsterdam, host Chris van ‘t Hof facilitated a discussion between Hans de Vries (Head of the National Cyber Center of the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice), Michiel Steltman (Director of DHPA and DINL) and Dennis Broeders (Professor of Technology and…

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17 June 2015

Blogpost: Arien Vijn - Coming to America

We’re in the middle of nowhere. Driver Winston takes a sharp right off the deserted road. There are no signs, just a driveway entrance surrounded by trees and bushes. In the summer, this place must be very green, but it’s winter now and the trees are bare. We stop before

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03 June 2015

AMS-IX and TESPOK reach agreement to close Kenyan based East Africa Exchange Point

AMS-IX and TESPOK have decided by mutual agreement to close the East Africa Exchange project. Since 2013, both parties have worked together to implement and support the creation of an Internet Exchange Point located in Mombasa, Kenya at the SEACOM Cable Landing Station. They believed strongly in the need for…

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02 June 2015

AMS-IX Bay Area Expands with Telx®’s San Francisco Data Center

New PoP Within SFR1 Offers Reliable, Fast and Cost-Effective Internet Peering Services to AMS-IX and Telx Customers

AMS-IX USA Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of AMS-IX (Amsterdam Internet Exchange), and Telx®, a leading provider of global interconnectivity, data center solutions, and cloud enablement services, today announce a…

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28 May 2015

AMS-IX Adopts Quanza's 24×7 NOC-as-a-Service

Quanza Engineering, specialist in designing, building and supporting strategic IT infrastructures, has launched a new 24×7 NOC-as-a-Service at MORE IP 2015 last month.

Quanza’s 24×7 NOC Service is a flexible and scalable first-line support solution offered as a white-label service. This makes it the perfect solution for businesses…

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27 May 2015

Blogpost: Job Witteman - Building the Internet Together

Who remembers the war between Betamax and VHS? It was a period of intense competition when incompatible models of video recorders arrived on the consumer market. Betamax was the first and possibly also the best. It did however lose its battle in the competition against the VHS format, which was…

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13 May 2015

Follow-up on previous incident at AMS-IX platform

Update: Thursday, May 21

Following the incident we had on Wednesday, May 13, which occurred during maintenance activities, we have evaluated our internal procedures. The measures we have taken define a more strict communication between the engineers doing on-site work and the NOC department and better clarity of responsibilities…

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