ISP VLAN IPv4 Renumbering, 13th - 17th Oct 2014

AMS-IX NOC would like to remind you of the IPv4 renumbering of the AMS-IX ISP Peering LAN that will take place in the days 13 - 17 October 2014.

The current IPv4 subnet will be replaced by

The basic mechanism is that the first three octets of every IPv4 address (195.69.144-147) are replaced with three octets from the new range (80.249.208-211) and the prefix length changes from 22 to 21:

195.69.144.x/22 => 80.249.208.x/21
195.69.145.x/22 => 80.249.209.x/21
195.69.146.x/22 => 80.249.210.x/21
195.69.147.x/22 => 80.249.211.x/21

During the days 13 - 17 October 2014 AMS-IX will support both IPv4 address spaces, you can change your IPs at any day during that week.
You can also have both IPs and their respective BGP sessions configured on your router during those days.

On October 13th, 00:00 (GMT+2), AMS-IX will renumber:
AS1200, router 2:
AS6777, RS2:

On October 18th, 00:00 (GMT+2), AMS-IX will renumber:
AS6777, RS1:
AS1200, router 1:

Once the renumbering is complete the old IPv4 address space ( will no longer be present on the platform.

Below you will find the full list of all the current IPv4 addresses and their corresponding new address. You can use this to prepare new BGP configurations.
The list will be updated daily at 11:00am (GMT+2)

Further updates will be provided via the relevant ticket in Tech-L:

[AMS-IX #110407] AMS-IX Peering Platform IPv4 renumbering

Kind regards,

Tel. +31 20 514 1717

Download this table as:
CURRENT IP NEW IP AS NUMBERCOMPANY 1200AMS-IX 1200AMS-IX 1200AMS-IX 6777AMS-IX 6777AMS-IX, LLC 29075IELO 39244Teqnobase 8304Ecritel 8529Oman Telecommunications Company S.A.O.G. 16637MTN Business Solutions 12871Concepts ICT Holding B.V. 12871Concepts ICT Holding B.V. 559SWITCH 1103SURFnet 1103SURFnet 12859BIT 12859BIT 2914NTT Communications Global IP Network 2686AT&T Global Network Services Nederland B.V. 2686AT&T Global Network Services Nederland B.V. 4589Easynet Global Services Limited 112Ripe NCC 12654Ripe NCC 197000Ripe NCC 25152Ripe NCC 3333Ripe NCC 3333Ripe NCC 5089Virgin Media Limited 5089Virgin Media Limited 197157Soundcloud, Ltd 197157Soundcloud, Ltd 9145EWE TEL GmbH 2611Belnet 2611Belnet 47065Networked Systems Laboratory, University of Southern California 46235Trion Worlds Inc. 13127Tele2 Nederland B.V. 13127Tele2 Nederland B.V. 3265XS4ALL Internet BV 3265XS4ALL Internet BV 1140SIDN 48283SIDN 8708RCS & RDS SA 8220COLT Telecom B.V. 8220COLT Telecom B.V. 199207EURid vzw. 35733EURid vzw. 5390Euronet Communications BV 5390Euronet Communications BV 8674Netnod 8674Netnod 8918Coolwave Communications B.V. 6661EPT Luxembourg 15224Adobe Systems 15224Adobe Systems 1136KPN B.V. (NetCo) 1136KPN B.V. (NetCo) 1136KPN B.V. (NetCo) 5615KPN B.V. (NetCo) 5615KPN B.V. (NetCo) 8737KPN B.V. (NetCo) 8737KPN B.V. (NetCo) 9009Globalaxs Communications 5410Bouygues Telecom 5583Orange Business Group 15412FLAG TELECOM IRELAND NETWORK LIMITED 34695E4A s.r.l. 13445Cisco / WebEx 12355HeLi NET Telekommunikation GmbH & Co. KG 702Verizon Nederland BV 702Verizon Nederland BV 24730Garnier Projects BV 21011PJSC "DATAGROUP" 21219PJSC "DATAGROUP" 8928Interoute Managed Services 8928Interoute Managed Services 8426Claranet Benelux 8426Claranet Benelux 3257GTT Communications, Inc. 4436GTT Communications, Inc. 6774Belgacom International Carrier Services SA 6774Belgacom International Carrier Services SA 36692OpenDNS 8608Esprit Telecom 8608Esprit Telecom 6805Telefónica o2 Germany GmbH & Co. OHG 6805Telefónica o2 Germany GmbH & Co. OHG 47195Gameforge Productions GmbH 8954InTouch 12989Highwinds Network Group, Inc. 12989Highwinds Network Group, Inc. 5413Daisy Communications Ltd 42525GlobalConnect A/S. 1547TIRASTEL GmbH 8473Bahnhof AB 3303Swisscom IP plus 47344Hyves 21221InfoPact Netwerkdiensten BV 9143Ziggo 9143Ziggo 3292TDC A/S 6830Liberty Global Services B.V. 6830Liberty Global Services B.V. 20495We Dare B.V. 5400BT 3356Level 3 Communications 30132Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) 30132Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) 15830Telecity Group International LDT 6730TDC Switzerland AG 39792Anders Business Group Ltd. 3262Sarenet 6663Turk Telekom International AT AG 6461Zayo Group UK Limited 3209Vodafone D2 Gmbh 3209Vodafone D2 Gmbh 31133OJSC "MegaFon" 24875Avira B.V. 24875Avira B.V. 6667EUnet Finland (Saunalahti Group Oyj) 15600Finecom Telecommunications AG 29263Gemeente Den Haag 29263Gemeente Den Haag 43531IX Reach 28685RoutIT B.V. 50683Internet 2 Business Sverige KB 9150Interconnect Services BV 9150Interconnect Services BV 12496IDNet Ltd 24793NL Hosting Internet bv 1972192AT B.V. 1972192AT B.V. 6327Shaw Business U.S., Inc. 15435CAIW Diensten B.V. 15435CAIW Diensten B.V. 34655Docler Holding S.a.r.l. 39591Global-e Datacenter BV 49820Pictura Database Publishing 29396UNET BV 29396UNET BV 25074MESH GmbH 34106TMG Online Media B.V. 34106TMG Online Media B.V. 25596Cambrium BV 25596Cambrium BV 5466Eircom 12306Plusline AG 49544Interactive 3D B.V. 34803Sapphire Networks 41690Dailymotion 12414Solcon Internetdiensten B.V. 12414Solcon Internetdiensten B.V. 15879Is Interned Services BV 15879Is Interned Services BV 20940Akamai International BV. 20940Akamai International BV. 2818BBC Internet Services 16147ISC Politie 16147ISC Politie 15703TrueServer BV 29208Dial Telecom a.s. 15426Xenosite 44654Media Network Services AS 197038I-bridge 12713OTE International Solutions S.A. 9031EDPnet NV 43293Stichting Proxility 16298InterBox Internet 24167ASGCNet 20504RTLNederland Interactief B.V. 20504RTLNederland Interactief B.V. 39637I4 Networks 20562Open Peering 20562Open Peering 12041Afilias Ltd. 36408CDNetworks, Co. Ltd. 36408CDNetworks, Co. Ltd. AG 30094Giganews, Inc. 30094Giganews, Inc. 20847Previder B.V. 20847Previder B.V. 28878Signet Internet 28878Signet Internet 20144L.ROOT-SERVERS.NET 30889Waycom 43437Voipro Nederland B.V. 5552Redstone Managed Solutions 12956Telefonica Internacional Wholesale Services S.L. 51088A2B Internet BV 13030Init Seven 13030Init Seven 13237euNetworks Managed Services GmbH 15598QSC AG Niederlassung Nuernberg 21155ProServe B.V. 21155ProServe B.V. 16265Leaseweb 16265Leaseweb 16265Leaseweb 21478Plex BV 8657Portugal Telecom 24961myLoc managed IT AG 85601&1 Internet AG 20640Titan Networks GmbH BV 12731IPHH Internet Port Hamburg GmbH 4739Internode Pty Ltd 43350NFOrce Entertainment BV 43350NFOrce Entertainment BV 5580Atrato IP Networks 5580Atrato IP Networks 64597Renesys Corp 64597Renesys Corp 31027nianet a/s 20932SIG-Services Industriels de Geneve 1408CCBill 28788Unilogic Networks B.V. 28836IC&S 9121Turk Telekom A.S. 9121Turk Telekom A.S. 25182NPO 25182NPO 20857Transip B.V. 16243Virtu Secure Webservices B.V. 16243Virtu Secure Webservices B.V. 15169Google Ireland Limited 15169Google Ireland Limited 24642Caveo Internet BV 8897KCOM GROUP PLC 3856Packet Clearing House 42Packet Clearing House 12322Free SAS 1126Vancis B.V. 45037Hispaweb 17557Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited 12779IT.Gate S.p.A. 8075Microsoft 8075Microsoft 31529DENIC eG 8763DENIC eG 47463Rotterdam Internet Exchange 12350VTX Services SA 42708Portlane 34224Neterra Ltd. 1668AOL, Inc. 1668AOL, Inc. 34288Kantonsschule Zug 44953IsiConneXion B.V. 44953IsiConneXion B.V. 49562KPN ITNS 41445Net Ground B.V. 13285TalkTalk Communications Ltd. 31383Computel Standby BV 21345MessageLabs Ltd 3491PCCW Global B.V. 24974Tachyon Networks Inc. 48173The unbelievable Machine Company GmbH 34215@Inet Technology Consultancy BV 24586Intermax BV 24586Intermax BV 25148Basefarm AS 15542ZeelandNet BV 15542ZeelandNet BV 8359MTS OJSC 8359MTS OJSC 8218Neotelecoms SAS 8218Neotelecoms SAS 23148Terremark North America, Inc. 23148Terremark North America, Inc. 27313Spencer Stuart International B.V. 21073Zoranet Connectivity Services B.V. 16150Phonera Networks AB 24940Hetzner Online AG 19151BroadbandONE, Inc. 12759SOCO Network Solutions GmbH 3561SAVVIS Communications Corporation 3561SAVVIS Communications Corporation 8262Evolink AD 8422NetCologne GmbH 25542Denit Internet Services 39309Edutel B.V. 25459NedZone Internet B.V. 8587Infracom Internet B.V. 39647Redhosting B.V. & Voiceworks B.V. 47143Todayhost Ltd 21263TeleData GmbH 3267State Institute of Information Technologies and Telecommunications (SIIT&T "Informika") 29462DSD automatisering B.V. 9505Chunghwa Telecom Co.,Ltd 30925CBIZZ AG 34968Iunxi BV 8468Entanet International 29017Gyron Internet Ltd. 31661ComX Networks 8966Emirates Telecommunications Corporation (Etisalat) 4788Telekom Malaysia Berhad 51906recast IT 8368Belgian Network Solutions bvba 31477Duocast 12399ScanPlus GmbH 50295Triple-IT 196844Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry PAS, Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center 251Kaia Global Networks Ltd. 5524Breedband Nederland 2852CESNET, z.s.p.o. 39326Goscomb Technologies Ltd 50072SBS Broadcasting BV 8881Versatel AG 10310Yahoo! Europe Ltd 10310Yahoo! Europe Ltd 34309Link11 GmbH 41552Marktplaats B.V. 16097HL komm Telekommunikations GmbH 32934Facebook, Inc 32934Facebook, Inc 13101TNG AG 8781Qatar Telecom (Qtel) Q.S.C 12389OJSC Rostelecom 31216BSO Communication 33891AS33891 Netzbetrieb GmbH 4766Korea Telecom Corp. 39704CJ2 Hosting 22822Limelight Networks Netherlands BV 22822Limelight Networks Netherlands BV 35366ISPpro Internet KG 34141IN2IP B.V. 1257Tele2 Sverige AB 28917TRC FIORD JSC 8926Moldtelecom S.A. 33915Vodafone Libertel B.V. 33915Vodafone Libertel B.V. 1273Cable & Wireless Netherlands BV 6908Datahop Ltd 24724ATM S.A. 15557SFR 6939Hurricane Electric 44788Criteo 196640Aspider Solutions International Ltd 3216Golden Telecom Limited 6407Primus Telecommunications Canada Inc. 25151CYSO 31500Global Network Management Ltd 29204B3G 3255UARNet 15133EdgeCast Networks, Inc 6453TATA Communications 8764TEO LT, AB 34305Base IP B.V. 21392MuntInternet 43821Wikimedia Foundation Inc 13122MANX Telecom Ltd. 9050ROMTELECOM S.A. 3249Elion 30740Exa Networks 35320Eurotranstelecom 5588Antel Germany / GTS CE 29791Internap Network Services Corp. 2119Telenor Norge AS 41095IPTP Networks 13193Nerim 29438Momax S.r.l. 2828XO International, Inc. 47869Netrouting 2603NORDUnet A/S 42861Prime-Line Inc. 38915Gemeente Heerlen 8447Telekom Austria 13768Peer 1 Network 42184tkrz Stadtwerke GmbH 3320Deutsche Telekom AG 5568Russian Institute for Public Networks (RIPN) 1239SprintLink Netherlands B.V. 9002Retn Ltd. 8365TU Darmstadt, Hochschulrechenzentrum 20080AMPATH 28717Zen Systems A/S 41692Open Carrier 23393ISPRIME LLC 23393ISPRIME LLC 29073Ecatel Limited 20634Telecom Liechtenstein AG 20969Ericsson Broadcast Services Netherlands 20969Ericsson Broadcast Services Netherlands 16276OVH 16276OVH 7342VeriSign 12008NeuStar, Inc. 18705Research In Motion Netherlands B.V. 12552IP-Only Telecommunication Networks AB 1267WIND TELECOMUNICAZIONI S.P.A. 1267WIND TELECOMUNICAZIONI S.P.A. 50384W-ix LTD 1248Nokia Oyj 30781Jaguar Network 3327Linxtelecom 12874FASTWEB S.p.A. 29169Gandi SAS 8732Joint-Stock Company "COMCOR" 31334Kabel Deutschland Vertrieb und Service GmbH 31615T-Mobile Netherlands B.V. 35819ETIHAD ETISALAT COMPANY (MOBILY) 12310iNES GROUP 35017Swiftway Sp. z o.o. 39923Unix-Solutions BVBA 13002MTX Communications Ltd. 15966Emango Internet Services BV 18210AusRegistry International Pty Ltd 12578Lattelecom SIA 15958TELENOR d.o.o. 4651CAT Telecom Public Company Limited 48522CGI 29140Hostserver GmbH 5713Telkom SA Limited GmbH 50737ASR Service Maatschappij 50618Liazo 35625Avenir Telematique 39180Lasotel 6834KMD A/S 51313Keenondots B.V. 39120Convergenze s.p.a. 5394Unidata s.p.a. 29990AppNexus Inc. 29990AppNexus Inc. 9304Hutchison Global Communications Limited (AMS) 8648KAMP Netzwerkdienste GmbH 9036Neuronnexion 49981WorldStream C.V. 34177Celeste 197422Tetaneutral 48072Alsatis 198792DSTORAGE 16347RMI 3223Voxility 34863HEXANET 13414Twitter UK Ltd. LLC LLC 27381Casale Media 27381Casale Media 27381Casale Media 12301Invitel 197541Videoplaza AB 25180Exponential-e 39832Opera Software ASA 39832Opera Software ASA 9066BCC Business Communication Company GmbH 9066BCC Business Communication Company GmbH 49405Motto VoIP B.V. 49405Motto VoIP B.V. 25220Averbo 34624Megaspace Internet Services GMBH 198028Alamid 51050H4Hosting BV 50189PBX network GMBH 31078Netsign GmbH 1101SURFnet 7160Oracle 8717Mobiltel 199636Esecurity S.A. 50673Serverius datacenters 50673Serverius datacenters 31449Belcenter ISP 34781Service Industriels de Lausanne 47264Ping Networks Ltd 48961Warwicknet Ltd. 54312Rocket Fuel Inc. 26667The Rubicon Project 26667The Rubicon Project 59605Zain Group 50324Hofnetz & IT Services GMbH 57463NetIX Communications 31673Uniserver Internet BV 36351Softlayer Dutch Holdings B.V. 1680Cellcom LTD 25160Vorboss Limited 31042Serbia Broadband 8315Amsio B.V. 44608United4all 15480Vodafone 15480Vodafone 8400Joint Stock Telecommunications Company Telekom Srbija a.d. 34756Infostrada 34756Infostrada 55799Ondrea Systems SDN BHD 50763MCKAYCOM LTD 16509A100 ROW, Inc 16509A100 ROW, Inc 51646ICT Facilities E.U. B.V. 196689Digicube SAS 58073YISP 15401Business & Decision Eolas 51752Wachttoren-, Bijbel- en Traktaatgenootschap 286KPN Eurorings bv 31220Carrenza (NL) 44053Unilink 197156Petit Telecom B.V. 48166Fortex 44066First Colo GmbH 24218Global Transit Communications Sdn Bhd 29527Astutium Ltd 12329TMR Telekommunikation Mittleres Ruhrgebiet GmbH 47329WDM 48559Infomex Sp. z o.o. 29587Schedom NV 51646Advo ICT Professionals 30961Openminds bvba 8632Luxembourg Online SA 15802Emirates Integrated Telecommunication Company 51468One.Com 41887Prolocation B.V. 6412Zajil International Telecom Co. K.S.C.C. 6412Zajil International Telecom Co. K.S.C.C. 132536Dot Gold Network.LLC 17451Biznet Networks 21267Wavenet 34019Hivane 25091IP-Max SA 3302Infracom Italia SpA 20965DANTE 6677Iceland Telecom Ltd. 1241Forthnet S.A. 9167Siminn Denmark A/S 36236Host Virtual, Inc 197985Hilf Telecom BV 35699Adamo Telecom Iberia S.A. 34762COMBELL 199524Wargaming Interactive GmbH 199524Wargaming Interactive GmbH 24482SG.GS 56665Telindus SA 15447CM. 42456WideVOIP / Chmurtz SaRL 197288Stofa A/S 53981Textplus 53981Textplus 8866Bulgarian Telecommunications Company AD (VIVACOM) 51185Mainsoft S.p.A. 54113Fastly 54113Fastly 199670DNS Belgium vzw 199332Kwebbl B.V. 47622Datatech UK Ltd 6717Internet Central Ltd 197902Hostnet BV 35574SED Multitel s.r.l. 12637Seeweb s.r.l. 56583Blue Jeans Network Inc. 52113Conet Services AG 20485Customer Closed Joint Stock Company TransTeleCom 35432Cablenet Communication Systems Ltd 6724STRATO AG 60937Businesstorg Ltd 12850Enter 60666Atrato IP Networks (IX Monitoring) 41281Scaling Networks AB 20853Etop Sp. z o.o. 43142Adeli 50968Hostmaster Ltd. 9583Sify Technologies Limited 49360RP ENGINEERING SAS 42040Crosspoint Colocation Ltd 20766Gitoyen 8487Phibee Telecom, Inc., Inc. bv 20886bn:t Blatzheim Networks Telecom GmbH 36944TENET 8968BT Italia S.p.A. 15589Eutelia S.p.A. 50606Virtuaoperator Sp. z o.o. 855Bell Aliant Regional Communications 12993Digitalas Ekonomikas Attistibas Centrs 12993Digitalas Ekonomikas Attistibas Centrs 44034Hi3G Access AB 62713Pubmatic 197981Intercloud SAS 4761Indosat Singapore Pte 37100Seacom Ltd 59560World-ICT 8816Metrolink 60893Art Of Automation B.V. 25291SysEleven GmbH 46199Clearleap 12327Idear4Business Ltd. 35156Blackboard 31328Schneider Electric SAS 31328Schneider Electric SAS 31328Schneider Electric SAS 61319TECLIB 48539Oxilion B.V. 29314Vectra S.A. 29314Vectra S.A. 8839SDV Plurimedia 26914FusionStorm Netherlands B.V. 57928PRODWARE SA 25229LLC "Volia-Cable" 2906Netflix Streaming Services Luxembourg S.a.r.l. 2906Netflix Streaming Services Luxembourg S.a.r.l. 41393Nasstar 52233Curacao Cable TV N.V 38082True International Gateway Co., Ltd. 1200AMS-IX 50805WANBound 262254Dancom LTD 200052Feral Hosting 15772LLC "Wnet Ukraine" 39737Prime Telecom 50300Custodian LTD 260Xconnect24 44050PIN 39995BrightRoll, Inc. 60822WISPONE SRL 47541V Kontakte Ltd. 47541V Kontakte Ltd. 47541V Kontakte Ltd. 35745Komputerowe Studio Usług Provector 8452Telecom Egypt 13157Gopas Solutions GmbH (new) 32590Valve Corporation 199939KeenSystems B.V. 199939KeenSystems B.V. 13720Sony Online Entertainment 61349MaxiTEL Telecom B.V. 21339Contingency Networks Ltd 199139Weritech 47836AC Webconnecting BV 29644Airspeed Telecom Ltd 50056ServerChoice 20804EXATEL SA 11816SETAR N.V. 16211Stella Telecom 36089OpenX 62267Net365 8282FidoNet SA 12714Net By Net Holding LLC 6762Telecom Italia Netherlands B.V. 30844Liquid Telecommunications Ltd 30419MediaMath 46786IP Transit, Inc. 35662Redstation Limited 43942Grifonline S.r.l. 109Cisco Systems, Inc. 57023OranLink S.L 53563X Plus One 5397CASPUR 12715Jazz Telecom Sau 39651Comhem 42473ANEXIA Internetdienstleistungs GmbH 43100Rezopole 47927Wifiweb srl 61262Roamware Netherlands (B.V) 8399Navaho 6507Riot Games Ltd 6507Riot Games Ltd 197692Conostix 12315Quality Service Provider BV 44444Websense Deutschland GmbH 7385Integra Telecom Inc 62245Equinix SVC 31638Lepida Spa 12849HOTNET Internet Services Ltd. 47872Sofia Connect 47872Sofia Connect 58291Colocenter 47172Greenhost 24608H3G spa 200020Stichting Nationale Beheersorganisatie Internet Providers (NBIP) 30286ThreatMetrix 30286ThreatMetrix 20764Rascom CJSC 45204Gemnet LLC 29141Bradler & Krantz GmbH & Co. KG 9329Sri Lanka Telecom Plc 9318SK Broadband 29119Aire Networks del Mediterraneo SLU 48526Tango S.A. 199851Newsoo 28283Adylnet Telecom 200130DigitalOcean 31715Netrino UK Ltd. 61387Denkers-ICT B.V. 202197MaxPoint Interactive UK, Ltd. 46391OnLive 3225Gulfnet 30818Advania hf. 34442Amatis Networks 199947Nexus Srl 56550Stel Srl 198291GooMobile srl 200043Cesena Net srl 9269Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited 9269Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited 44141DEVCLIC SARL 49653DeltaWeb SpA 1764next layer GmbH 57685WIPA Nederland B.V. 48056RedBee 202189NS Groep NV 202189NS Groep NV 33796Bolignet-Aarhus F.M.B.A 58209KPT Network B.V. 26120Zenovia Digital Exchange, Corp. 25061Associated Networks (UK) Ltd 56396Turn Inc 198435EDX Network 47541V Kontakte Ltd 28801Hotel Reservation Service Robert Ragge GmbH 13335CloudFlare, Inc 41090E-Liance 51852Private Layer INC 58073YISP 197426EBONYHORIZON - TELECOMUNI 45629Jastel Network CO.,Ltd 29697Commercial Network Services 8309Sipartech 50245Serverel 61955ColocationIX 28876süc // dacor GmbH 15720Postecom 714Apple Distribution International 714Apple Distribution International 8283Netwerkvereniging Coloclue 50304BLIX SOLUTIONS AS 202018DigitalOcean 34270Internet Connections Ltd 33986Redder Telco, Srl 59940Pulsepoint b.v. 20621OpenIT GmbH 29014ScaleUp Technologies GmbH & Co. KG 50266Wiericke B.V. 50266Wiericke B.V. 48200Opteamax GmbH 12615Global Communication Net (GCN) 42158Sentia BV 8632Luxembourg Online SA 56953Nederlandse Gasunie 41913Computerline 16839ServiceNow 37090Isocel Telecom 197612LinkedIn Ireland Ltd 39122Blacknight Internet Solutions Ltd 8251FreeTel, s.r.o. 2854LLC Equant 44160InternetOne 9498Bharti Airtel France SAS 44431Omni Access Marine Network Solutions 43366OSSO BV 6866CYTA (Cyprus Telecommunications Authority) 31019Meanie 13238Yandex Europe B.V. 15958Telenor d.o.o 49375Trunk Networks Ltd 25178Keycom PLC 39912i3B - Internetbreitband GmbH 12883PrJSC "FARLEP-INVEST" 34984SUPERONLINE ILETISIM HIZMETLERI A.S 20773Host Europe GmbH 10026Pacnet Global / Asia Netcom / ANC 7713PT TELEKOMUNIKASI INDONESIA INTERNATIONAL (TELIN) 50272INTELLIT AS 39318Nucleus 39138RRbone 41313NOVATEL EOOD 196752Tilaa 16080Rentabiliweb Telecom 54183Sizmek Technologies Ltd. 50316TELEimpianti 28929ASDASD 57119Naitways