IPv6 Numbering Scheme

The IPv6 set-up on the AMS-IX ISP peering LAN is as follows:

  • The prefix in use is: 2001:7f8:1::/64
  • The prefix is sourced from AS1200.
  • The prefix is tagged with the no-export community and should not be announced outside of your AS.

The suffix (‘allocation’) scheme for 16 bits ASNs is as follows:

A50 x:xxxx:n

The suffix (‘allocation’) scheme for 32 bits ASNs is as follows:

A500 :xx:xxxx:n

Here, "x:xxxx" or “xx:xxxx”  is your (zero-padded) AS number in decimals and “n” is a serial number depending on the number of interfaces you are using for IPv6 peerings (starting from 1 for the first interface, 2 for the second interface and so on).


AMS-IX uses AS1200 (zero-padded: 001200), so its IPv6 peering addresses are:


A member with a 16-bit ASN of 64523 would use:


A member with a 32-bit ASN of 195000 would use: