Benefits of Connecting

For Internet networking companies the benefits of connecting to AMS-IX are major. AMS-IX provides the following benefits to its members/customers:

Improved performance and redundancy

By meeting close to 750 peers at AMS-IX the chances are high you will find multiple new peers to which you weren't interconnected before, meaning that network performance will increase. Furthermore, Internet exchanges are about redundancy, by adding multiple routes to peers at several exchanges you increase the redundancy in your network, not just relying on one point of interconnect or your transit provider.

Uniquely diverse peering community

The variety and diversity of AMS-IX connected networks is one of its true benefits. Amongst others, due to the Dutch traits of openness and cultural neutrality, the platform traditionally have had networks from abroad finding each other at AMS-IX, not able to meet each other on less neutral grounds. 

Nowadays around 80% of the connected networks at AMS-IX are networks from outside the Netherlands, making it the most international IX in the world.

Market place for transport services and layer 2 connectivity - improved buying power

Due to the fact that there are so many carriers active on the worldwide market, buying power will increase considerably for the remaining need for transit or network transport services. Prices of these services can be negotiated with the carriers located at AMS-IX colocations. 

When you want to connect to AMS-IX remotely, and are in need of transport services from a carrier or layer 2 connectivity, we can help you get in touch with these carriers and providers for proposals. Please send an email to:, in which you specify your requirements (from where, which type of service, capacity, commit levels etc) and we'll make sure you get interesting offers directly from the many carriers available.

High quality services with defined service level

AMS-IX is a distributed exchange present at multiple independent colocations in Amsterdam. Each location is equipped with several photonic and redundant sets of Ethernet switches. Over 50 of these switches, are interconnected by high bandwidth, interswitch links aggregated up to 24 10GEs over fiber, creating a resilient and robust exchange. Furthermore, resilient power, cooling, fire supressant systems and the like are part of the building management systems of the professional data centres that are used.

The design of the AMS-IX platform is unique in its setup. With its resilience and level of redundancy it is able to set a defined service level with carrier grade quality.

Constant development - business continuity

Due to the high service levels, and the sheer volume of traffic and number of connected ports, AMS-IX is always using technology that is cutting edge and partners with its suppliers to develop new and innovative ways to serve the member/customer needs. The AMS-IX team is professionally involved to extend and improve services to all of the connected networks. AMS-IX was the first Internet exchange (IX) to introduce services like IPv6, Closed User Croups and 100GE port connections at an IX. The platform hosts the first mobile peering point worldwide, the global GPRS Roaming Exchange (GRX), the Mobile Data Exchange (MDX) and the first interconnection of IPX networks (Inter-IPX). Last but not least, AMS-IX introduced photonic switching in an operational network platform in 2004, now widely used in the industry. 

From a business point of view we constantly strive to enlarge the number of potential peers and the potential peering benefits for our members/customers by extending our services. We have a 4-year planning cycle reiterated annually that ensures that we can meet the needs of the industry regarding the forecasted capacity, have attractive price levels and enough capital to invest in the platform at the same time.